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Laurie is absolutely amazing! I loved all my photographs and she captured the memories with impeccable timing. She truly is an artist not just a person who takes photographs. She sees things that no one else sees and she captures that. She goes un-noticed in the room and yet she was able to take a ton of shots that I never even saw happening. It made our memories even greater since she was in places that we couldn't be. She captured my husbands and my smiles at one another when we didn't even realize the camera was on us. They are the best shots of all. We have ordered a ton of prints from her and have recommended her to every one we know. The icing on the cake was the beautiful handbound album. When we first saw the finished piece, we couldn’t believe how it, we were so moved and emotional. We are so happy to have this treasure to share with our children. We had a little girl 2 years ago and had her do a family photo shoot and they also turned out beyond our dreams. We just had our second daughter and Laurie will do another shoot for us. We highly highly recommend her.

Cathy & Tom, 2015

Laurie is an incredible photographer. She captured the emotion, special moments and romance of our wedding beautifully. The colors of her photos and the angles of her shots are awesome. Our pictures are of amazing quality. I am so impressed with them and love sharing them with others. Laurie went above and beyond on our wedding day, teaching me how to carry my dress, traveling with us to various sites, making sure we all looked great when taking pictures, and seeking out the unique moments to capture. She even brought me a plate of food so I could eat before the reception! We highly recommend Laurie and will be using her again ourselves.

Monique & Charles, 2016

My husband and family and I are all so happy we chose Laurie to do our wedding photographs! The entire experience with her was amazing. She guided us through the entire process using her expertise to let us know what to expect and what would make for some world class photos. When the day came, we were prepared and excited to make it happen! Laurie is so personable that she really made it fun for all of us. Then when we saw the proofs we were over the moon! She had really captured the joy and love and beauty of our special day. We had no idea how well the photos would turn out!! I will enthusiastically recommend her to my friends and co-workers and neighbors without hesitation. My family and I are sold and she will be our official "family" photographer from now on. We just couldn't be more pleased with the outcomes. Laurie really has a gift which surpassed our expectations of what was actually possible.

Ceci, 2015

She is an artist and a professional. You get magazine worthy results!

Keith, 2016

Loved having Laurie as our photographer! Her down to earth personality and attention to detail are characteristics that we first noticed. I had a couple phone conversations with Laurie throughout my wedding planning and she told me her goals and asked questions so she could get to know our style. She came out to our venue early to scout out places for our "first sight picture" and our bridal party pictures. She was very in tuned to my wants/needs as a bride and I was not let down in the slightest. She kept things moving and on time and made my day stress-free! I would recommend Laurie to anyone who wants to capture the beauty of your surroundings with action itself!

Stefanie & Jackson, 2015

From the very beginning Laurie was easy to talk to. The consultation was a casual conversation through which we shared thoughts, feelings, and creative ideas. Knowing that I was just beginning my journey through the wedding planning process, she also offered insightful advice and recommended talented vendors. If there were any doubts, her energy and spirit through the engagement photo session crushed them. Through the ceremony and reception we barely knew she was there; but the photos captured exactly what we had hoped for the moments we missed with all their warmth and happiness; making me feel as though I hadn’t missed them at all.

Lindsay, 2015

Laurie is truly the best of the best! My husband and I Recently had a studio session with her. She took some shots of us for our holiday cards/pregnancy announcements. I was already aware of the quality of Laurie’s photography from my connection with her as a wedding/event coordinator. Even so, I was incredibly impressed at the shots she took of us. She has a special way of “catching a moment” in a photograph. She knows just what to do in order to get you to smile and act natural. Not only was I impressed with the photographic moments Laurie caught of us, I was impressed with her easy to find studio in downtown Stillwater where she had an assortment of backdrops that worked perfect for our holiday photos and lots of fun props! I will definitely go back to Laurie for family photographs once our baby is born. 

Casie, 2015

We had a wonderful experience using Laurie as our photographer. She did a great job of blending the ideas we asked for about certain shots or locations with her own artistic ideas that made our photos look beautiful. One of the most important things for me when choosing a photographer was that I would own the photos and could print, share with family and use them in any way I choose, rather than having to pay extra for the photographer to print our photos each time we wanted something. Both our engagement and wedding photos were ready in a good amount of time, looked amazing and we had a cd of everything. She brought an assistant, was on time for each event, was friendly and accommodating, especially since we had 3 different sets of family members to incorporate into family photos. When we met before the wedding to discuss the "shots list" she helped us figure out how it would all work with different groups and she made sure to get lots of "couples shots" of our guests to share with them as well. Everyone was included and made to feel a special part of our event. When we arrived at the Van Dusen Mansion for our wedding photos, the owners were thrilled to see Laurie arrive as they had worked with her many times and knew we were bringing in a professional and talented artistic photographer. That was high praise indeed, and as it turned out, well deserved!

Vienna, 2013

Our daughter had the best day with Laurie. The photos turned out more like art then simply capturing the overt moments of a wedding. She surprised us with the number of angles and thoughtful artistic contributions of all that was happening and was hustling the whole evening. Laurie communicated warmly, patiently, quickly and clearly to all guests being photographed, making people look comfortable and natural in the photos as a result. Her professionalism (on time for every meeting) and obvious long-time experience (suggesting ideas, locations in the space, which really helps because then the families, venue, flowers etc. all come out looking beautiful) included more than expected to the memory of the day.

Martha, 2014

Laurie is the most calming, artistic and exquisite professional photographer I have ever worked with!! We have the most incredible pictures from our daughter's wedding and will treasure them forever! She was able to capture many precious moments at the wedding that crystallize our beautiful daughter and our wonderful new son in law!!!! Thank you to Laurie Schneider!!!!!!!!

Beth, 2012

We loved the shots that Laurie took for Trisha and Patrick's wedding and reception. She really captured great moments with them. Also, she took very awesome pictures of their venue; the James J Hill Library. Highly recommend.

Tonya & Jack, 2011

Laurie was great to work with at when planning the wedding : very understanding and accommodating with our busy schedule. She is very professional and she knows how to take photos that are beyond the usual formulaic style. She is a true artist!!

Cynthia, 2013

Laurie did a fantastic job of capturing our day! As we looked through our wedding pictures we felt like we were actually reliving the day. Everyone we show them to has the same response "beautiful pictures" The phone meeting we had a few weeks before the wedding was great to get a general idea of what shots we wanted but she was very open to changes on the day of as well.

Suzanne, 2011

Laurie was amazing to work with and she made me (the bride) feel so at ease. The quality of the photos and her eye for the right shot create lasting memories!

Tasha, 2011

Laurie was wonderful to work with from start to finish. Our wedding happened during a December blizzard so severe many of our guests were unable to attend. Laurie's drive took her hours to make and she had to wade through streets and drifts to get herself and her equipment to Forepaugh's in time to take photographs. We've had the photographs for several weeks now and are having Laurie make a wedding book for us. Every time I look at the photos I see something new in them. She manages to capture each moment in a fresh yet classic way that brings out every nuance from intimate emotions to the colors and depth of light that create the setting. I have seen these dimensions captured in paintings more often than photographs.

Barbara & John, 2011

Laurie is a true artist! The wedding photos of our son Sean and his beautiful new bride Brooke were breathtaking! Some of them look like a Vogue photo shoot. Would highly recommend Laurie!

Queenie, 2011

Laurie did an amazing job capturing our big day! She takes wedding photography to the next level. She was able to manage our 20 person bridal party and both of our families, and still be able to capture the small intimate details throughout the day. If you're looking for someone with a creative approach to wedding photography, Laurie is your gal!

Patricia & Thomas, 2011

Great photos, super creative ... perfect experience. Every time we look at the photos we get to relive the best day ever. Laurie was super fun to work with and has a great eye. The beautiful wedding album she designed for us is perfect in every way. When first I opened the silk box, I couldn’t believe my eyes, it made my heart remember. Everyone must have one of these amazing albums as a keepsake. We look at it every day, it’s part of our lives, a touchstone. Thank you Laurie!

Amy, 2010

Laurie was an amazing photographer. She captured the emotion and special moments of our wedding beautifully, and the romance perfectly. The colors of her photos and the angles of her shots were awesome. Our pictures are of amazing quality. I am so impressed with our pictures and love sharing them with others. Laurie also went above and beyond on our wedding day, teaching me how to carry my dress, traveling with us to various sites for pictures, making sure we all looked great when taking the pictures, looking for the unique moments to capture, and even bringing me a plate of food so I could eat before the reception! We highly recommend Laurie and will be using her again ourselves.

Shari & Tim, 2010

Laurie is an absolute gem. When we got our pictures back, we couldn't fine ONE bad picture in the bunch, and there were hundreds. She is amazing to work with, and went far beyond our expectations. She is personable, flexible, and very knowledgeable.

Ken, 2010

I couldn't recommend Laurie any more strongly, she does GREAT work, and is an awesome person as well.

Scott, 2009

We absolutely loved working with Laurie and feel lucky we were able to have her capture this once in a lifetime event. After seeing our photos, other family members did not even look at other photographers and booked Laurie as well. She was very professional and a unique ability to capture "the moment". From start to finish this was a wonderful experience working with Laurie.

Lindsay, 2009

Laurie was fantastic. She was able to capture the feeling of our reception, which was no easy feat. My husband and I had some very high expectations and Laurie exceeded every one of them. She was a lot of fun to work with and was great at capturing all the wonderful moments with our friends without feeling contrived. I have recommended all of my friends to Laurie for all events small and large.

Zoe, 2008

Laurie is a gifted photographer. My husband and I are still awestruck by our photos and appreciate her photography more and more every time we look at our album. Words we would use to describe our photos are artful, luminous and thoughtful. Working with Laurie was a positive experience; she is organized, responsive, sensitive and ethical. In particular, Laurie takes stunning, almost magical, outdoor photos. Our wedding was outside and Laurie used our surroundings to enhance the beauty and sacredness of our marriage.

Paul, 2008

We absolutely loved working with Laurie. I met with a number of other photographers before meeting Laurie, but at our first meeting I knew immediately that I wanted her to capture our wedding for us. I was so impressed with her artistry, and her willingness to use both 35mm and digital. The pictures turned out fantastic, and we have used her since our wedding for additional portraits.

Peter, 2007

Through attaining Laurie Schneider as our wedding photographer years back, she has become a good friend throughout the years and we have consulted her on all of our future professional photography needs, whether it be our family pet portraits, holidays cards, or other special occasions. I have referred many of my friends, family and acquaintances to her and they have loved her. Laurie is wonderfully creative and produces beautiful photographs, that in our family will be shared and passed down to many generations.

Heather, 2006